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Roadside and hedgerow maintenance

We offer hedgerow cutting services from regular trimming to full scale reductions including tree removal.


Using mechanical hedge cutting flails we can easily maintain hedgerows helping keep vegetation at safe levels of growth.


Broadleaf have the skills and personnel to offer uniformly cut hedgerow. Leaving a well-trimmed and pleasing look to the countryside.

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Hedge cutting across Surrey, Sussex, London and the South East

We offer hedge cutting services from regular trimming to full scale reductions and reshapes to both commercial and domestic clients.


From small ornamental hedges to tall hard to maintain hedges, we offer a hedge cutting service to fit your requirements.


In addition we offer, maintenance plans. Once we have cut your hedge we offer you the opportunity to opt for a scheduled hedge maintenance program, were we would enter your details into our system and then at regular predetermined intervals throughout the year, we would revisit your hedge and carry out any maintenance work that is needed.


This way you never need to chase up contractors or worry about your hedge again.

Broadleaf Tree Services offer a hedge cutting service for hedges of all shapes and sizes, from small decorative hedges to large scale roadside hedgerow and vegetation maintenance. We offer everything from a simple trim to a full reduction, including reduce/reshape.

Domestic and commercial hedges

Broadleaf Services:

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