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Tree pruning by Broadleaf Tree Services based in Surrey

Tree Pruning covers a wide range of maintenance operations. Broadleaf Tree Services offer a full spectrum of pruning types and advice.


As a general rule pruning should be avoided during the time of the leaf/needle production and at the time of leaf and needle fall. Cherry and Plum related trees are best be pruned soon after flowering to reduce the chance of infection. Maple, Beech, Birch and Walnut should be pruned whilst in leaf or just after leaf fall. Magnolia are best pruned in high summer to avoid unsightly sap 'bleed'.

Offering tree pruning in:

  • Surrey

  • Sussex

  • London

  • The South East

Broadleaf Services:

Types of tree pruning we offer:

  • Crown Reduction - Reduce the overall size of the crown.

  • Crown Thin - Reduce the foliage and outer-branch density of the tree.

  • Crown Lift - Lower crown branches trimmed or removed.

  • Coppicing - Tree stems are pruned close to ground level to encourage new shoots.

  • Regularly pruning back the whole tree's crown.

  • Branch removal - Removal of branch or branches.

  • Shaping - Reducing crown spread in certain places to achieve a more desirable shape.

  • Dead wood /Crown clean - The removal of dead wood and crossing/split branches.

  • Pollarding - Dramatic reduction of the trees crown to create a framework for future growth.

Crown thinning Crown reduction Crown lifting

Crown Reduction

Crown Lifting