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Quality crown reduction by Broadleaf Tree Services

A typical crown reduction is carried out to reduce the overall size and spread of your tree. This helps to control its growth and will assist you in keeping it under control.


In a Reduction we would reduce the overall size of the crown by a given specification.


The operation should be carried out by pruning the tips of each branch back to a suitable branch union in a manner to create a balanced shape and outline.

The reduction specification can be specified as a percentage (e.g. reduce crown by 30%) or as an absolute amount (e.g. reduce crown by 3m) or as an absolute height & spread specification (e.g. reduce crown to leave the tree with an overall height of 18m and a crown radius of 5.5m).

At Broadleaf Tree Services, we can offer a whole host of arboricultural services for both domestic and commercial customers throughout Surrey, Sussex, London and the South East. Some of these are as follows:

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Alternative services offered by Broadleaf Tree Services based in Surrey

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  • Branch removal

  • Emergency call outs

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  • Climbing plant pruning or removal

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